​ License Renewals open October 1st, 2023. All licenses in the Commonwealth must be renewed before December 31st, 2023, or a new application wi​​​ll be required.  All dealers are recommended to renew during the months of October or November to allow for any issues that may arise. Dealerships licensed in 2023 be sure you have supplied your KY.GOV username to the Motor Vehicle Commission office so you will be able to access your account. NO RENEWALS WILL BE AC​​​CEPTED PAST DECEMBER 31, 2023.  Helpful tips: 1. Send your Certificate of Insurance form as a PDF if you're taking a picture to send, look up on your model of phone how to save it as a PDF file before trying to send it.  Upload file size is limited so the smaller PDF file size is required. 2. The salesperson management portal is open year-round so manage your salespeople as they come or go, waiting to manage them at the time up renewals may result in duplicates or their licenses not being printed.  ​ ​​

Online Renewal Instructions

Dealer License Renewal

The Dealer License Renewal system is now online:

  • Renew your Dealer and Salesperson licenses by December 31, 2023
  • Dealer Licenses are now $200 each and Salesperson Licenses are $40 ​each​
  • License certificates can now be printed directly from the renewal system
  • ACH, Credit Car​d, and Debit Cards accepted
Renew Dealer License

Salesperson Management

Introducing the new Salesperson Management application for Dealers:

NOTE: To obtain current Salesperson Certificates using the Salesperson Management online application, your Dealer License must be current. If you have not renewed your Dealer License, please see the Dealer License Renewal section above.

  • Dealers can now add a Salesperson, update Salesperson information, and end-date Salespersons who no longer work at the dealership
  • New Salesperson license certificates can now be printed directly from the system
  • ACH, Credit Card and Debit Cards accepted

The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission is responsible for:

  • Licensing motor vehicle dealers, salespersons, manufacturers, distributors, and their representatives pursuant to KRS Chapter 190.
  • Providing consumer protection by investigating complaints against dealerships in regards to purchasing a vehicle and dealer failing to transfer to the customer.  Customer trading in a vehicle and dealer failing to take it out of their name.  Dealer plate and temporary tag usage.   We do not handle ​matters of restitution.
  • Issuing​ administrative citations to dealers who fail to comply with the laws governing motor vehicle sales.

The Kentucky ​Motor Vehicle Commission meets the ​second Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m. meetings are held via ZOOM, if you are scheduled to attend please contact us at (502) 573-1000.

The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission has been advised that-All of the KYTC TC 96 forms have been updated with the KYTC logo. KYTC will accept the prior form while county clerks and dealers exhaust what they may have on hand.  Eventually, the new form will be required.  This is provided to allow dealers to know KYTC forms have been updated. It is suggested that you begin using the new version when possible.  These forms may be found at Drive.ky.gov​ site or https://transportation.ky.gov/Organizational-Resources/Pages/Forms-Library-(TC-96).aspx

​Questions?​       Phone Hours 8 AM - 4 PM E.S.T.

  • New Dealer Applications
    (Change of ​Ownership, Change of Locations, Manufacture/​Distributor)
    Please Call 502-573-1000

  • Certificate of Insurance
    Please contact Jessica at 502-229-1502

  • Hearings and Consumer Complaints
    Please contact Suzanne at 502-330-6036

  • General Questions
    Bonds, ​License ​Renewals, Offsite Sale/Display Events, ​Open Records Requests, Online Dealer ​Accounts and Website Issues.

    Please contact 502-573-1000.

Current Commission Members:

  • Doug Dotson, ​​​Chairman
  • Chuck Coldiron
  • Del Farmer
  • Ron Jackson
  • Mark Pogue
  • Raymond H. Cottrell Jr.
  • Stephen Gates
  • John Daunhauer
  • Dennis Ashfor​d
  • Tim Short
  • Claude Buddy Allen Berry IV

Welcome to the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission