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    Public Notice


     This legislative session, the General Assembly passed HB 249, Section 15.  The legislation amends KRS 190.030 to eliminate statutory fees for licenses issued to

    motor vehicle dealers.  The Commission has promulgated regulations, including an emergency regulation, to establish new fees for licenses.  The new law becomes effective June 28, 2021.  Therefore, all licenses, included salesperson’s licenses, approved by the Commission after Friday, June 25, 2021, will be subject to the new fee structure.

    PUBLIC HEARING AND PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: A public hearing on these administrative regulations shall be held on July 21, 2021 at 9 a.m. local time at the Motor Vehicle Commission, 200 Mero Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. In the event the declaration of a State of Emergency in Executive Order 2020-215 and the State of Emergency Relating to Social Distancing in Executive Order 2020- 243 are not rescinded by July 21, 2021, this hearing will be done by video teleconference. Members of the public wishing to attend may utilize the following link:, or by telephone at 19292056099, your meeting I.D. to join in is 898 1150 2498 and the passcode is 936923.​

    . Individuals interested in being heard at this hearing shall notify this agency in writing by five (5) workdays prior to the hearing of their intent to attend. If no notification of intent to attend the hearing is received by that date, the hearing may be canceled. This hearing is open to the public. Any person who wishes to be heard will be given an opportunity to comment on the proposed administrative regulation. A transcript of the public hearing will not be made unless a written request for a transcript is made. If you do not wish to be heard at the public hearing, you may submit written comments on the proposed administrative regulation. Written comments shall be accepted through 11:59 PM on July 31, 2021. Send written notification of intent to be heard at the public hearing or written comments on the proposed administrative regulation to the contact person below: CONTACT PERSON: Suzanne Baskett, Executive Staff Advisor, Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission, 200 Mero Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, phone (502) 573-1000, fax (502) 227-8082, email​

    The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission is finding that dealers are issuing 90 day tags.  Governor Beshear’s Executive Order expired on October 6, 2020.  Therefore, dealers should no longer be issuing any temporary tags for 90 days.  Inform all staff who may issue temporary tags on behalf of the dealership that they may upon the sale of a motor vehicle issue a 30 (THIRTY) day tag. 
    AUCTION DEALERS.docxAUCTION DEALERS.docx                                                Auctions Healthy At Work.pdfAuctions Healthy At Work.pdf   


                                                                                                    Healthy at Work Auctions 2.pdfHealthy at Work Auctions 2.pdf  


    EFFECTIVE: May 11, 2020----Dealerships may re-open if meeting the attached minimum guidelines (see two links below).  These guidelines must be followed to remain open.



    Please know that in these difficult times that we are all facing, the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission staff is ready to assist you.  If you have any questions please refer to the following:
    Our Main Office Number is 502-573-1000 
    Questions Regarding Applications 502-229-1389 or email
    Questions Regarding Certificate of Insurance 502-229-1502
    Questions Regarding Hearings and Consumer Complaints 502-330-6036
    Questions In General and Assistance, Bonds, License Renewals, Offsite Sale/Display Events, Open Records Requests, Online Dealer Accounts and Website Issues 502-226-0186, or email me @ 

     NOTE: THE EMAIL FOR CHRISTINA PAIGE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO  please update your records accordingly.

    Online Renewal Instructions


    Dealer License Renewal

    The Dealer License Renewal system is now online:

    • Renew your Dealer and Salesperson licenses by December 31, 2022
    • Dealer Licenses are now $200 each and Salesperson Licenses are $40 ​each​
    • License certificates can now be printed directly from the renewal system
    • ACH, Credit Card, and Debit Cards accepted
    Renew Dealer License

    Salesperson Management

    Introducing the new Salesperson Management application for Dealers:

    NOTE: To obtain current Salesperson Certificates using the Salesperson Management online application, your Dealer License must be current. If you have not renewed your Dealer License, please see the Dealer License Renewal section above.

    • Dealers can now add a Salesperson, update Salesperson information, and end-date Salespersons who no longer work at the dealership
    • New Salesperson license certificates can now be printed directly from the system
    • ACH, Credit Card and Debit Cards accepted

    The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission is responsible for:

    • Licensing motor vehicle dealers, salespersons, manufacturers, distributors, and their representatives pursuant to KRS Chapter 190.
    • Providing consumer protection by investigating complaints against dealerships in regards to purchasing a vehicle and dealer failing to transfer to the customer.  Customer trading in a vehicle and dealer failing to take it out of their name.  Dealer plate and temporary tag usage.   We do not handle matters of restitution.
    • Issuing​ administrative citations to dealers who fail to comply with the laws governing motor vehicle sales.
    • The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission meets the second Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m. located at 200 Mero Street 1st Floor Frankfort, Kentucky.


    Current Commission Members:

    • Doug Dotson, Chairman
    • Chuck Coldiron
    • Del Farmer
    • Ron Jackson
    • David Hinton
    • Raymond H. Cottrell Jr.
    • Stephen Gates
    • John Daunhauer
    • Dennis Ashford
    • Tim Short
    • Claude Buddy Allen Berry IV


    Welcome to the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission