​​​The Dealer License Renewal starts October 17 and now must be submitted online.

After we process your account, go to​ scroll down and on the right-hand side of the screen click on the Renew Dealer License in the blue box. Login with your username and password.

To renew the dealer’s license, you will need the following information:
  • Date business licensed,
  • The total number of vehicles sold last year. (only if you have been licensed over 18 Months)
  • You will need to scan and upload a copy of the dealer’s certificate of insurance. (must be less than 2 MB in file size), and
  • You will also need a form of payment (Example: credit card or bank info/ACH payment).
For salesperson licenses you will need the following for each salesperson:
  • Salesperson names​, and
  • Salesperson Date of Birth​.
When renewing your dealer license, the first two primary owners are included in the total. Do not added them as salespersons. If you have more owners than listed in the application, they can be added as salespersons. You must renew your salesperson licenses and the dealer licenses at the same time.  Once completed, you will be able to print both the dealer’s and salesperson licenses.

There is no longer a need to have salesperson licenses stamped at the Frankfort office. Please remember to make two copies of your salesperson licenses, one for posting in the dealership and the other for the salesperson.

To add or remove salesperson licenses at any time use the Salesperson Management​ application on the MVC homepage (​​).

During your renewal, please have all your information/documents ready because once you start you cannot save your work until the end, if you exit out of the system you will have to start over.  You will have a chance to review your work before completing. Be sure to check your work for mistakes. From the review page, you can go back and edit the information and make changes before completion.
If you have any questions please contact us, or if you have technical difficulties with the website contact the support services listed on the website.
If you need to reset you Username or Password please refer the attached Dealership Renewal User Guide​.
NIC Division at (502) 875-3733

Online Renewal Instructions